I SPIT ON CANCER is a cry of love.
I SPIT ON CANCER is a reflection on the meaning of life.
The disease is an opportunity to review life in another way, to go to the depths of the soul and discover the true values of each of us.
Going in the depth of the soul, pure feelings emerge without limits , without judgment…only emotions flying free through various different moods.
So the disease that nobody has the courage to name, here is yelled and showed in its reality…Starting from anger,  pain, dispear…
Reality may be better if the pain is shared with others. The disease doesn’t belong to a single person , it involves a lot of people in different ways.
…sharing emotions let us realize that we are never alone, that we belong to life, that we are part of everything.
The awareness of not being alone generates strength.
Strength to keep on fighting, without hiding fragility, with no illusion of serenity and with a real awareness that the path is hard but not impossible. This path strains all human beings, their head, heart and soul and  the depth of soul,  the truth of the emotions allow the strength to go on, to face this new challenge to live what we have as best as we can, hoping that it will be the best forever, the best in all its shapes.
The real message is HOLD ON whatever happens… live the most of every moment with positivity and love for everyone, ourselves and others…remembering that we are not alone…
and the Medicine is making great strides forward in the fight against Cancer…
Believing in Research means hope for a better future for everyone…every day a new discovery…every day a new hope…

                                                                                     Valeria Vallone
                                                                                    Valeria Vallone Dance Company

                                                                                       Latina–Italy  12 October 2016